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I live in Idaho with my husband, 5 kids, and selection of weird farm animals. Mostly, I love dark chocolate and joggers . Im with you on the soggy bread-gag factor!!! Soggy bread and even soft breads bother me. Thanks for the recipe, thats a good trick to toast the bread first. My friends and family have had many a laugh at my “wet bread” issues.

  • I learned my lesson on that one long ago.
  • Chances are because it’s thick, it will need to bake about the same amount of time.
  • There is a regular stadium crew of about 18, male and female, who rotate the racing responsibilities.
  • I typically cook enough for 1 jar in 1 pan so I can use that grease for that jar.
  • For miniature dachshunds, the selective breeding began since 1910.

Beans have never been very high on the totem pole for me. Regardless of the type of meat being cooked, the higher the doneness temperature, the more juices will be lost and the less tender the results will be. Properly gauging the internal temperature of meats, including chicken, is the only way to guarantee safe and juicy results every single time. Buy enough food to last two weeks at a time. There is really nothing like eating food that you grew yourself.

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Nobody likes seeing a person win twice with only one ticket. Even if the chances are unlikely, it’s very unsatisfying to other people who have purchased a ticket. The exact amount of time you give winners to claim their prize may vary. For example, you may assign a 1-week time limit for winners of a $50 grand prize, or a 1-month time limit for winners of a $1000 prize. Regardless of what you decide, you must make this time limit clear when you contact the winner.In some cases, winners might be required to be there in person. If that’s the case, make sure it’s spelled out in the rules.

They’re a great gift idea for someone in your life who enjoys a good appetizer platter or an easy way to treat yourself to some gourmet goodness. If you’re looking for a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat, head straight to the sampler page at Marx Foods. Thirty different options, from the Supreme Steakhouse and Little Italy to sausage, caviar, and heirloom potatoes await you. You can’t substitute items, but with this kind of selection, why would you want to? (Also, your neighbor will likely be thrilled to get a little something.) The already-good prices are even better when you realize that they include shipping. Beyond the samplers, Marx has a huge range of options including produce and seafood.

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After eight or so hours, the sausages are ready to eat. Cook them within one week, or freeze them for up to several months before eating. Use a wooden drying rack or another type of rack to hang the sausages up to dry. Drape them over the rack at every other twist so that the links hang down but don’t touch. If you run out of casing, remove it from the stuffer, tie off the end, and resume with a new casing.